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Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Kahle

Professor of Forest Growth and Dendroecology (Associate Professor, Research Scientist)


Christopher MorhartDSC_0570.JPGContact

Institute of Forest Sciences
Chair of Forest Growth and Dendroecology

University of Freiburg

Tennenbacher Str. 4, Germany
79106 Freiburg

Room 020 61 (2.OG Herderbau)

Fon: +49 761 203 - 3739
E-mail: Hans-Peter.Kahle(at)wwd.uni-freiburg.de


Area of work

Forest tree and stand growth:
- Methods of growth analysis, temporal and spatial data analysis, modelling
- Environmental effects on growth, growth disturbances, growth resilience, stand dynamics
- Forest site productivity


Forest tree and stand management:
- Controlling tree and stand growth
- Effects of management on forest ecosystem services
- Methods of dendroecology, dendrochronology and dendroclimatology, i.e., tree ring analysis, cross-dating, statistical data analysis and modelling
- Monitoring of cambial activity, tree ring development, and wood formation
- Tropical dendroecology.



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