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Project Surge

1. Project summary

2. Project description

3. Project partnership

4. Project activities

The academic program encompasses organization and implementation of three seminars, two summer schools, two workshops, as well as the installation of demonstration plots and the setting up of a tree-ring measuring system at two partner institutions.


  • Seminars


 Seminar Freiburg, Germany, 2016          Program    Presentations

 Seminar St. Petersburg, Russia, 2017    Program    Presentations

 Seminar Lviv, Ukraine, 2018


  • Workshops


 Workshop Freiburg, Germany 2016         Program    Methods dendroecology

 Workshop Lviv, Ukraine, 2018


  • Summer schools


 Summer School St.Petersburg, Russia, 2017    Program

 Summer School Lviv, Ukraine, 2018


  • Tree-ring measurement stations


 Laboratory of dendrochronology, St.Petersburg, Russia, 2017 :  Installed July 2017

 Tree-ring laboratory, Lviv, Ukraine, 2018 : Installed July 2017


  • Demonstration plots


 Demonstration plots Lisino Forest, Russia, 2017    Excursion guide

 Demonstration plots, Ukraine, 2018


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