Scientific Conference





Impacts of the Drought and Heat in 2003 on Forests



17th – 19th November 2004

Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany




Institute for Forest Growth (IWW), Faculty of Forest and Environmental Sciences, Albert-Ludwigs-University, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany (local organiser)

Forest Research Institute Baden-Württemberg (FVA), Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany (local organiser)

● Groupement d’Interet Public ECOFOR, Paris, France


IUFRO Unit 4.01.08: Effects of environmental changes on forest growth

European Forest Institute (EFI)











The persistent drought and heat of the summer 2003 combined - in many regions - with minor precipitation in the preceding winter and spring have caused severe damages in forests in western, southern and central Europe. Besides visible, immediate or short-term impacts of drought and heat on forests, such as brown colouring and early fall of leaves as well as total disturbance of particularly young stands, there are further (still invisible) effects to be expected in long term. They are related to tree physiology, soil properties and nutrient availability in soils and trees, as well as to the root system reducing tree growth and vitality in the following years, having an impact on environmental, social and economic goods and services provided by forests. While numerous investigations have been undertaken on each of those topics, a synthesis about drought effects on forests taking different climatic scenarios into consideration is urgently needed. For this purpose, French and German scientists have initiated an expertise “Drought 2003” involving scientists of different disciplines, and resulting in this international scientific conference.


The aims of the conference are to

● discuss impacts of severe droughts on forests

● discuss research needs in respect to drought events and their impacts on forests

● present and discuss the results of the multidisciplinary French-German expertise

● explore links between researchers and disciplines concerning the topic

● encourage dialogue and cooperation in the future


Scientific Board

● Gilbert Aussenac (INRA, France)

● Erwin Dreyer (INRA, France)

● Guy Landmann (ECOFOR, France)

● Marcus Lindner (EFI, Finnland)

● Kari Mielikinen (METLA, Finland)

● Heinrich Spiecker (IWW, Germany)

● John Stanturf (USDA Forest Service, USA)

● Konstantin von Teuffel (FVA, Germany)


Who should attend?

● Scientists

Forest managers

Forest policy advisors

Others interested in the theme of the meeting



The language of the conference




Preliminary schedule


Tuesday, 16th November 2004


Field trip, registration, icebreaker


Wednesday, 17th November 2004



Registration (continued)




Plenary session: Climatic Variations – Forest Threat




Thursday, 18th November 2004


Three parallel sessions


Three parallel discussion corners


Poster presentations


Joint dinner


Friday, 19th November 2004


Three parallel sessions


Results, conclusions


End of the Conference


Saturday, 20th November 2004

Field trip


Papers and Posters

There is a possibility to give oral presentations or posters on research related to the conference topic. All contributors are kindly asked to submit an abstract for consideration by the conference scientific board.Please send your abstract (max. 400 words) by 15th July 2004 to Kaisu Makkonen-Spiecker, e-Mail


The authors will be informed on the results of the evaluation by 31st August 2004. The abstracts of the accepted papers and posters will be published in the conference background material.


Registration and Payment

To register for the conference, please fill in the registration form or print it and send it by fax to Ms. Regina Lauer, e-mail, fax +49 761 203 37 40. The deadline for early registration (reduced conference fee) is 15th September 2004.

Registration made


no later than 15th Sept. 2004:

180 EUR

after 15th Sept. 2004:

210 EUR

Each field trip:

30 EUR

The registration fee covers the conference material, coffee during the conference, the Icebraker and Joint Dinner.
Other meals are at the participants’ own expense.

Cancellation instructions:

The registration is binding. However, if the withdrawal notice is received until 15th September 2004 no penalty costs will be incurred. After 15th September 2004 the full registration fee will be charged. Information on cancellation should be sent to Regina Lauer at the Institute for Forest Growth, Freiburg, e-Mail, fax+49 761 203 37 40.

Please transfer the due amount plus bank transfer fees to the following bank account:

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„zugunsten BA 8231, Drought2003“




The conference will take place at the Forest Research Institute of Baden-W�rttemberg and at the Faculty of Forest and Environmental Sciences, University of Freiburg.



The participants of the conference are expected to make their own accommodation reservation. Information on the accommodation options is available here within the next days.


Important dates

● Deadline for abstracts of papers and posters

15th July 2004

● Letter for acceptance to authors

31st August 2004

● Early registration

15th September 2004


Further Information

On scientific issues:

Heinrich Spiecker, Institute for Forest Growth, Freiburg

E-Mail: instww@uni-freiburg.deor

Konstantin von Teuffel, Forest Research Institute, Freiburg



On practical issues:

Ms Regina Lauer, IWW, Freiburg, e-Mail:





Uni Freiburg